Nice to meet you!I'm TARO.
Born in Tokyo, JAPAN, in 1976.
I would like to share with you about my view of life, the way for getting over the difficulties that I learned from my experience in Tokyo, Toronto and Taipei.
Shortly after my mother passed away a few years ago, I started to look back on my life.

I live quite differently from others, and thought I should keep track of my unique experiences.
Originally, these thoughts were composed in Japanese, but I soon realized that there are lots of things to include about my life in Taiwan - such as how I appreciate Taiwanese culture, my personal feelings in Taiwan, etc.
I really wanted Taiwanese people to read my story, too, so I started a Chinese version, and released them on Facebook.
Honestly speaking, my dream is to publish my story or make it into a movie.
When I tell my friends this desire, most of them just laugh and think I’m crazy.
But some friends tell me: “ You have to say your dreams out loud in order for them to come true — if you keep saying it, it might happen!”
In order to make these dreams come true, I decided to take action and publish my personal website, and say it out loud to everybody here.
Learn with me
I have been interested in learning languages since I was a kid, and have been trying to find out the best way for me to master those languages.
Recently, learning Mandarin has become very popular in Japan, and I have lots of friends back home who are thinking about starting it.
Also, I meet many Japanese people in Taiwan, who are assigned to Taiwan for work purposes and they of course want to improve their Mandarin. 

This section offers some of my methods for learning Mandarin.
Since I can already communicate with people in Mandarin, I have, honestly speaking, in recent years neglected my studies in Chinese.
Because of this, my Mandarin got so rusty, and I decided to dust off my old notebooks and brush up on my Chinese.
Here, I will also introduce useful phases & words as well as interesting expressions or sayings that I’ve learned along the way
Life in Taiwan
Many of my Japanese friends didn’t really know much about Taiwan when I first moved here in 2003.
However, more and more of my friends are familiar with Taiwan these days and love to visit.
I’ll often have my friends’ friends, family friends, or ex-coworkers contacting me and asking for recommendations on where to go to get good Taiwanese food or about where the good spots are, etc.
I used to reply to them one by one, however, I have been hoping to have a standard list of my recommended places that I can just send to them for reference.

It would be much easier and more convenient for everyone.
During my private time, my Taiwanese friends often take me to places where tourists usually can’t find in their guidebooks.
This section introduces those special spots to readers.
I live abroad and have a wide circle of friends, so something interesting always happens to me.
This page is for myself to keep those memories.